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Detroit-Shoreway Lesson Plan

(Photo Courtesy of the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University)

As promised, here is the rough draft of my lesson plan on Detroit-Shoreway. Nonetheless, because it is my rough draft, I encourage any and all suggestions for improvement. I received inspiration for this particular lesson plan through my Introduction to Public History class at St. John’s, where we worked in-depth with the National Park Service’s Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) initiative. I will include a link to Teaching with Historic Places below. As mentioned in a previous post and in the lesson plan itself, this lesson plan serves to show how residents of Detroit-Shoreway and Cleveland as a whole have adapted to their new situation. I would recommend it for either high school advanced placement students or college undergraduates. It is just the first installment in the Road to Recovery series, and if there are any community suggestions for the next topic within the series, please let me know through the ‘contact’ tab. The entirety of the Road to Recovery series will be accessible by clicking the ‘category’ tab under the date of publication below. The lesson plan is attached and any links that are mentioned in the lesson plan will be included below. For this lesson plan, Margaret Cowell’s book Dealing with Deindustrialization: Adaptive Resilience in American Midwestern Regions will have to be purchased. I sincerely appreciate your time and I hope to hear suggestions for topics or improvements in the future. (Note – these lesson plans are not designed to state standards. However, they serve as a guideline that can be adapted by teachers to suit the needs of each individual state.)

Detroit-Shoreway Lesson Plan


Important Links

  1. Teaching with Historic Places – Teaching with Historic Places
  2. Detroit-Shoreway Proposal – detroit-shoreway-proposal
  3. Detroit-Shoreway Census Report (Link) – Detroit-Shoreway Census
  4. Dennis Keating Article – “The Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood”
  5. Detroit-Shoreway Community Development Organization – DSCDO

Economic Changes, White Flight, and the Era of Recovery

(Photo Courtesy of the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University)

The first series of lesson plans will be titled The Road to Recovery: Historical Impacts on Modern Cleveland. The first lesson plan within this series focuses on the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, which has undergone its fair share of economic changes over the past 60 years. It will serve as an example as to how the economy and people of Cleveland as a whole have managed to adapt over time to their new situation. This lesson plan, as of now, will be published within the next week.

An Introduction

(Photo Courtesy of WKYC)


My name is Kyle, and I am the creator and moderator of CLEsson Plans. I created this site in order to preserve Cleveland’s history in a unique format and to provide educators with lesson plans that can be utilized in a museum or classroom setting. Lesson plans, depending on the topic and content, will be geared towards the appropriate audience, which could be primary students, secondary students, undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, and/or the public at large. Every lesson plan that is published will be marked with tags showing what educational group and age group the lesson plan is appropriate for. I encourage contributions from the public for lesson plan ideas, possible improvements to existing lesson plans, and submissions of fully developed lesson plans that could be appropriate for this site. In order to submit a contribution, simply click the ‘Content’ tab on the home page and fill out your information. I look forward to posting the first lesson plan in the very near future.

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