Materials Collected

The materials collected on this website will be anything relating to the city of Cleveland, Ohio, from its foundation to the present. We will be primarily focused on collecting digital objects related to current or former topics presented on the website, but we will be willing to take all digitally donated items relating to the city.

Collection Levels

We divide our intellectual materials on this website into three categories, all of which can be achieved in every post relating to a theme on the website:

  1. Study
  2. Research
  3. Basic

We promote study through offering learning materials that can be easily accessible through the site. Research goals are accomplished by offering links to established outside research projects. Our basic level of materials are the established generalized sources that you need to understand the whole of Cleveland’s history.

User Groups/Programs and Activities

This website is geared towards teachers of all levels and students of all levels who have an interest in the history of Cleveland, Ohio, or the industrial age of the United States of America. It is also made for those with a general interest in learning about the aforementioned topics. As such, we have developed lesson plans, and in the future, will have developed a digital image series, to help these user groups get the most information possible out of the materials on this site.

Acquisition/De-accessioning Policy

1. Our acquisition policy has a broad scope, being that if it relates to Cleveland, Ohio, and the intellectual rights are allowed for this website’s usage by the owner, we will collect it for possible future use on this site. Being that it is a digitally based project, we do not anticipate de-accessioning being necessary. However, if it is necessary at some point in time, we will de-accession materials that are very loosely related to the city, at the web developer/archivist’s discretion.

2. Being that we are an entirely nonprofitmaking website, we will only accept donations that are free, and for the time being, we will engage in any purchasing of materials.

3. We hope at some point to work with the various museums and intellectual institutions around Cleveland. However, for the time being, this is a solely independent project based on research out of personal interest.

4. This website will be reviewed for the relevance of materials every year, and reserves the right to delete or shut down the webpage at any point in time.