Cleveland has been an ever-evolving city. From the original survey of the land on which Cleveland sits today by Moses Cleaveland, to its rise and fall as a major industrial city, Cleveland has presented an interesting historical topic that addresses many of the challenges we face as a nation today.

This site is dedicated to the creation and publication of digital materials, particularly digital images and lesson plans, that relate to the history of Cleveland, Ohio, in some thematic way, shape, or form. The goal is to create a ‘one-stop’ resource for the history of the city, and by creating a digital library with multiple foci, it will provide a useful resource with various themes. The newest focus of this site is the construction of a digital image series, with a focus on social justice in relation to local rock bands.¬†Though this website will focus on different aspects of the city at different times, this website encourages community contributions about any and all aspects of Cleveland’s history, and all potential contributions will be reviewed for inclusion.

While there will not be any downloadable content immediately relating to digital images of local rock bands, we are working on attaining permissions for these images. Nonetheless, the lesson plans will be free to download and use for teachers, educators, or anyone else who has an interest in the history of the city.

The ultimate goal of this site is to give a voice to a city that has long been forgotten and ‘set aside’ by many Americans, and to serve as a reminder of the rich history that the city has developed over the last 200 years.