For the upcoming lesson plan, I am asking for community input. One of the lesson plan options will be to look at the history of Tremont from about 1900 to the present. The other option is a lesson plan that focuses on various aspects of Irishtown Bend, including its history based on archaeological findings and potential modern reuses. I will include a poll below that will run through April 3, and the lesson plan should be completed by April 8.

Also, I wanted to share an article that I thought was interesting. Crain’s Cleveland Publisher & Editor Elizabeth McIntyre wrote an article discussing the need for a change to the regional term ‘Rust Belt’. The link to this article is located below. Although I am guilty of using this term, I agree that it needs to change to a term that identifies the positive aspects of the region rather than the negatives. From now on, ‘Rust Belt’ will no longer be used on this site to describe the geographical region that includes cities such as Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Buffalo.

“Time for the region to shake off the rust”